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Learn Ealing continues to deliver courses face-to-face and through its online offer. We will deliver lessons and support learners through the use of Google Education suite, Zoom, Skype and other digital platforms. 

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To participate in online classes you will need an email address, a reliable internet connection, a computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone with fully updated browser (preferably Google Chrome).  Your device will need a microphone and preferably a camera.

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One day emergency first aid at work  

Visual of the course

Course Summary

Code: DOMC3003WE 

Starting: Wednesday 10 July 2024 

Duration: 1 sessions over 1 week(s)

Time: 09:30 

Location: Dominion Centre  

Cost: £0.00 to £25.00 

By continuing you confirm that you are over 19 and have agreed to the the terms and conditions



Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and having basic first aid skills can be critical in providing immediate assistance to those in need. Our one-day first aid at work course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. Through a combination of theory and practical training, you'll learn how to identify and manage common injuries and medical emergencies, such as choking, bleeding, heart attacks, and strokes. Our experienced tutor will guide you through each step of the course and provide you with hands-on training to help you develop the confidence and skills you need to apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios. So why not join the course today.  

This course is to train a nominated person who will take charge in the event of illness or accident. Low to High Risk workplaces, no previous training or qualifications required. This course meets the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 & the ACOP L74 requirements.

The course will cover the following elements - HSE Regulations - Record keeping - Hygiene & cross infection risks - First Aid Kits. - Care of the unconscious casualty: - Recovery Position - CPR/ Basic Life Support: - adult, child and baby. - Use of a Public Access Defibrillator: - on any casualty over 1 years old: - Theory and practical training. - Recognition & treatment of: - Breathing Disorders including use of Auto-Injectors: - Epipen, Jext and Emerade. - Shock, Fainting, - Heart Conditions, Stroke - Epilepsy, Diabetes - Severe Bleeding, Minor/ Major Injuries, Poisoning, Burns - Fractures, Dislocations, Strains and Sprains.

What you will learn
You will learn how to deal with any First Aid emergency in a safe, prompt & effective manner. Learning Outcomes - You will learn how to deal with any First Aid emergency in a safe, prompt & effective manner.

Course level
This course is to train a nominated person who will take charge in the event of illness or accident

Suitability and Entry Requirements
- Low-risk workplaces as the minimum training as stated in the ACOP L74. - Learners are to have a good level of written, reading and speaking of English to be able to attend this course. No previous training or qualifications required. - You will be emailed pre-course blended eLearning with plenty of great videos to watch. - Plus, easy to read documents, making your day’s training easier for you as you will attend having a good basic understanding.

How you will learn on this course
- Your course will be run in a relaxed, fun yet professional environment. - There will be plenty of realistic, thorough practical "hands on" training using a range of hygienic Resuscitation mannequins & training equipment. Platform for the course/workshop This workshop/course will be a combination of online delivery via Zoom and face to face with venue details to be confirmed. You can join by clicking on the link within the joining instructions. Once you have joined, please turn on your camera. Physical activity checklist: Mandatory for all types of physical activity courses. Please complete (before the start of your course) and return to This will help the tutor to ensure that the exercises are designed for your needs if you have any health conditions. Learn Ealing has an E-Safety Policy and Procedure which can be requested at anytime for further information.

Accreditations and Qualifications
After attending the whole course and showing basic lifesaving skills, hence competence, you will be presented with an A4 certificate and a laminated wallet sized certificate. Certificates are valid for 3 years.PDF versions will also be emailed to you.

How much additional time do you need to invest?
2 hours pre-course to read and understand course materials

Resources, materials and additional costs
No additional costs Resources and materials - All equipment and materials will be provided.

Next steps
For Learn Ealing's offer, please go online: - Kickstart your marketing career, - Marketing for small and starter businesses, - Excel made easy, - Digital online skills - Confident public speaking & Effective communication through voice and body language - External courses include: 3 day First Aid at Work or 2 day Ofsted Syllabus Paediatric First Aid.

Your Tutor
JANE FERRETT has been a First Aider since 1991, a First Aid Instructor since 1993 & I set up Accident & Emergency Ltd, in 1997. She runs the whole range of First Aid courses for small groups & blue-chip companies alike and uses dynamic, interesting & fun training methods whilst using realistic, hygienic training aids. Her raison d'etre is to teach others how to confidently give lifesaving First Aid. Jane is a very-hands on First Aider. Jane has a wealth of real-life experience from CPR, CPR with LAS on ride outs with them, motorbike accidents, etc. Jane attends Zoll High Quality CPR & AED training Workshops & various related Symposiums. In December 2019 Cardiac Arrest Symposium, she met Professor Douglas Chamberlain. Jane uses Douglas' quote when teaching: "The only damage you can do with an AED is if you whack someone around the head with it". CPR gives a 1% survival rate, using an AED within 0-2 minutes is 71%. Therefore, Jane keeps her Schiller Easyport AED, the smallest AED in the world, with me at all times. An AED can be used on anyone over 1 years old. 12 fit & apparently healthy young people die every week, in the UK, from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the Young. If anyone stops breathing their heart will stop. Ofsted/ Early Years did not include AED use on their March 2017 syllabus. Jane includes AED, at no extra charge, on EVERY course. We practice with 8 x various models of AED Trainers, on 4 different sized adults & child Annies. Jane includes even when not on the set syllabus: Child & baby CPR/ Choking, Sepsis, PEP, Panic Attacks/ Hyperventilation & Spinal Recovery Position. In advance of your course I email learners blended e-learning documents, these are easy to read & I detail some great website videos to watch. The Health & Safety Executive & Ofsted recognise this form of learning. Arriving to the course with an existing knowledge will assist any person to become a fully confident & competent First Aider.


Time and duration

Start Date: 10 July 2024
Start Time: 09:30
Day: Wednesday Morning
First Lesson Duration: 07:00
Total Weeks: 1


Dominion Centre  
112 The Green  
UB2 4BQ  

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