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Learn Ealing continues to deliver courses through its online offer. We will deliver lessons and support learners through the use of Google Education suite, Zoom, Skype and other digital platforms. 

Our 2021-2022 Prospectus is now available, however there will be major changes to the way we can provide these courses in the Autumn Term.  

To participate in online classes you will need an email address, a reliable internet connection, a computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone with fully updated browser (preferably Google Chrome).  Your device will need a microphone and preferably a camera.

Click on the links below for videos on how to join online classes using:



Computer Skills for Life and Work  

Visual of the course

Course Summary

Code: NLIB3002SA 

Starting: Saturday 06 May 2023 

Duration: 10 sessions over 10 week(s)

Time: 10:30 

Location: Northolt Library  

Cost: £35.00 to £50.00 

By continuing you confirm that you are over 19 and have agreed to the the terms and conditions



This course will suit people who want to improve their computer skills, and develops the skills learnt in the previous courses to those you could need at work and in life You will cover some basics of computing as well as developing your digital skills by using common office tools such as word processing, spreadsheets and more.  

Aims of the course
To provide relevant soft and digital skills that you need to get started in using the internet in your day-to-day lives. This is a beginnerís introductory course to show you how to find things on the internet to the basics of email. You will know how to go shopping and bank online, and to do these things safely and securely. You will see how to engage with others online, with email, video conferencing and social media. These are essential skills in todayís world, and important that we do them safely. Aims of the course/workshop: - To able to find information online - To access online facilities (shopping, banking, government services) - To able to participate in remote classes, meetings and socially

What you will learn on this course
- Using your computer or phone on the internet - Browsing, webpages, searching online - Registering (logging in), Passwords & security - Email, setting up, sending and receiving, attachments - Using shopping, banking and other online services safely - Video meetings and classes on Zoom - Social media (Twitter etc) - Online Office tools - Introduction to word processing - Introduction to spreadsheets - Introduction to presentations - Introduction to managing files & documents Learning Outcomes: - Know how to use the internet to find information, go shopping, banking and to access services safely - To be able to log into websites successfully - To be able to send and receive emails - Know how to attend online events, for example online classes (distance learning) - Understand the advantages and risks of social media - Basic use of common office computing tool

Course level
Advanced beginners looking to use their computer skills in the workplace, volunteering or for hobbies.

Suitability and entry requirements
- Anyone who is new to the internet and wants to learn how to be connected safely. A working understanding of English is expected, and access to the internet at home an advantage. - A modern smartphone is required. - An Ealing library card will give you full access to their computers and internet.

How you will learn on the course
- Using a computer, tablet or phone - Demonstration and discussion sessions - Practising online to complete exercises - Written materials and videos Platform for the course/workshop: This course will be face to face Learn Ealing has an E-Safety Policy and Procedure which can be requested at anytime for further information.

Assessment method
This is a non-accredited course. There will be continuous informal assessment, through observation, question and answer, and feedback of tasks performed during the session. This enables your tutor to focus on areas of difficulty.

How much additional time do you need?
You will gain much more by reviewing class notes and practising for at least 2 additional hours each week to gain confidence and practice what you have learnt.

Resources, materials & additional costs?
No additional costs Resources and materials: - Online articles, videos, etc - Classroom exercise materials - Quizzes, Q&A activities

Next steps
- The tutor will inform you at the end of the course as what you can progress onto. - For Learn Ealing's offer, please go online:

Your Tutor
ADRIAN DROTSKY is an experienced IT tutor, having delivered training in the community, at colleges and universities for many years. He is patient and understands learner progress and support across this area of computing.


Time and duration

Start Date: 06 May 2023
Start Time: 10:30
Day: Saturday Morning
First Lesson Duration: 02:30
Total Weeks: 10


Northolt Library  
Northolt Learning Centre  
Church Road
Middlesex UB5 5AS

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