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Learn Ealing continues to deliver courses through its online offer. We will deliver lessons and support learners through the use of Google Education suite, Zoom, Skype and other digital platforms. 

Our 2021-2022 Prospectus is now available, however there will be major changes to the way we can provide these courses in the Autumn Term.  

To participate in online classes you will need an email address, a reliable internet connection, a computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone with fully updated browser (preferably Google Chrome).  Your device will need a microphone and preferably a camera.

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Chair-based yoga  

Visual of the course

Course Summary

Code: ONLD1010TU 

Starting: Tuesday 01 November 2022 

Duration: 6 sessions over 6 week(s)

Time: 10:30 


Cost: £5.00 to £10.00 

By continuing you confirm that you are over 19 and have agreed to the the terms and conditions



Gentle chair-based exercise with breathing practice to support relaxation, focus and wellbeing.  

Aims of the course
To introduce yoga to the older or physically disabled learner as a mindful exercise to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

What you will learn on this course
- What Yoga is. - What Mindfulness is. - How to incorporate core mindfulness principles, e.g. focused attention; being fully present; being non-judgemental; non-striving; letting go - into yoga practices of posture work; breathing exercises; relaxation; concentration and meditation. Each session will include: - Gentle Postures to bring about flexibility and improved physical health; - Breathing exercise to increase energy levels and balance the breath; - Relaxation techniques to calm the mind and emotions; - Concentration exercises to steady the mind and improve concentration; - Meditation to create a space to connect with one’s true nature where peace, true knowledge and happiness can be experienced.

Course level

Suitability and entry requirements
This course is particularly suitable for learners who have mobility problems and have difficulty working with floor- based practices. Hence the practices are gentle and involve sitting on chairs or standing up. If unsure due to serious health problems, please check with your doctor.

How you will learn on this course
Through tutor talk and demonstration; observation; tutor guided practice; independent practice; silence and focused practice; repetition; visual aids; tutor correction and tutor feedback.

Accreditation, qualifications and assessment methods
This course is non-accredited. It is an experiential course where benefits are experienced through regular focused and non-competitive practice.

How much additional time do you need to invest?
At least 3-20 minutes each day. A home practice handout will be given during the course. The emphasis on daily practice is based on quality rather than quantity.

Resources, materials and additional costs are there?

You will need to wear and bring
Loose comfortable clothing suitable for exercising in; warm clothing if needed; a yoga mat; a blanket; a piece of fruit for each session. You will also get: - Handouts

Next steps
Yoga or any other mindfulness course of interest.

Your tutor
Joyce Power Having been introduced to yoga over 50 years ago as a young child and realizing its benefits at a young age in overcoming anxiety and poor health, I have studied yoga through most of my life. As an adult, I studied Psychology at University and undertook a Post-Graduate Primary School Teaching qualification with the intention of teaching yoga to others. I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga over 30 years ago and have taught yoga in a mindful way since then in various settings – Women’s groups in Africa, Adult Education Centres in the London Boroughs of Harrow, Ealing, Hillingdon and Brent, in Mental Health Community Centres, a Secure Unit; in a Drug and Alcoholic unit; and on a Medical Camp in Kazakhstan. I have been involved in yoga research studies on diabetes and back pain as a yoga therapist. I have run value-based fun activity camps, teaching human values and meditation to children in schools. I have studied under various yoga masters and continue to do so now. I have also trained to teach Mindfulness to children and have done the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course for Depression.


Time and duration

Start Date: 01 November 2022
Start Time: 10:30
Day: Tuesday Morning
First Lesson Duration: 01:00
Total Weeks: 6



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